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Chinese love and attention notice Morita agency established charity initiative of disabled children

2016-04-19 04:38:01
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Sentian home dear people:

Hello everyone, today is the twenty-four solar term Guyu, sixth solar term, but also a solar term last spring, Guyu solar term meant the arrival of the hot summer is approaching, China 2016 annual charity activities are sentian hot carried out. Since the establishment of Chinese sentian, Morita Hito actively participate in public welfare, through participation in the organization with Tibetan children to swim, care about people with intellectual disabilities and other public welfare activities, practice with the action of "undertaking social responsibility commitment.

In order to Morita Hito's charity organization, the long-term, this year we will formally established Morita love agency and the establishment of Morita love fund, regularly organize public welfare activities, with little love our activities to convey the warmth of the warm. Morita advocated individual loving public, will be disabled, mentally retarded, homeless children as a public welfare assistance object, long-term, continuous care, directional tracking, through interactive entertainment, psychological counseling and other forms of different types of child support, or help them restore physical and mental health, and help them to build confidence. To establish the correct values, growth of the social value of people, to Morita Hito's little charity, to a certain extent, reduce the social burden, promote and deliver more positive energy society.

Morita love club plans each year held four times more people to participate in the activities, or with small less than 10 people love teams in a single event, need financial support, take temporary launched in the company's form to raise donations. Every time the temporary raise funds after liquidation expenses if still rich, will be classified as Morita love fund by the financial center of the unified management, for the next time to spare, submit payment application procedure, comprehensive management department at the end of each activity will cost breakdown and balance of public activities in Chinese Morita group. The work occurred on all kinds of personal deductions, tax and other fees are deposited with Morita love fund.

We welcome each of the Morita people, and even family members, friends, and partners are actively joined the Morita love society, to participate in our every public service activities.

China love club, to our daily small action, to create a big social difference!

In April 23, 2016, China Morita Aixin will be organized during the first phase of the public welfare activities, we are going to visit and help, as a special group, they are homeless, some are suffering from mental disorders and disabled children, some because of family poverty and premature loss of childhood, enjoy family leave they had to bear children, we don't have the misfortune, they desire we have happiness, they are Beijing guang'ai school children. This week, let us come closer to the group of children, in the summer approaching, with our love to bring them more warmth.