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About the Group

Established in 1985 and headquartered in Beijing, China Sam Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (short for Sam Group) is a national high-tech enterprise. Its membership enterprises are China Chemical New Materials Corporation, Sam Investment Group, Sam Film, China Jing An, China Sam International and many other professional groups and subsidiaries with businesses covering energy chemical engineering, investment, trade, film, security, and many other fields. 

Sam Group is the strategic partner of China National Chemical Corporation, China Chengtong Holdings Group, China Xinxing Group, Tus-Holdings, China Senior Professors Association and other enterprises and institutions.

Member Companies

China Chemical New Materials Corporation  It was established in August 2015 by China National Chemical Corporation through integrating the assets of related enterprises. There are dozens of production and development bases of organic silicon, fluororubber, methionine, metallurgical solar grade polysilicon and other high-tech products with high added value. Among them, methionine production ranks second in the world, organic silicon production ranks third in the world, PBT resin production scale ranks first in Asia, fluororubber, chloroprene rubber, epoxy resin production ranks first in the country.

Sam Investment Group   Established in 1989, Sam Investment Group headquartered in Xiamen. As the investment platform of Sam Group, the investment covers the fields of oil and natural gas, energy-saving and environment protection, new materials, energy management, high technology and others.  

Sam Film   Established in 2010 in Beijing, Sam Film is a professional company focusing on film investing, producing, distributing, marketing and advertising. 

China Jing An    Founded in 1986 in Beijing and formerly being as a professional company subordinated to the Ministry of Public Security. It mainly covers the businesses of security service and safety precaution.

China Sam International    It is an international platform established in Hong Kong by Sam Group.


Brand Definition

1、LOGO image: 

2、LOGO definition 

Made into a triangle, our LOGO is abstracted from the letters S and T to convey the temperate character and generosity of Sam Group. The triangle top resembles an abstracted dragon raising its head, which symbolizes that Sam Group leads the industry and its business flourishes. It also expresses the determination and vision of Sam Group to become an industry leader. 

3、Brand name 

China Sam Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. abbreviated to CSEG.

4、Brand interpretation 

The Chinese character “Sen” is composed of three characters “Mu”. It symbolizes the unity of Sam People to create a bedrock with an efficient work model and breakthrough vitality of innovation for the sound development of Sam Group.

The Chinese character “Tian” is composed of four checks symbolizing that the platform of Sam Group is solid and broad and it seeks to create great brand value with honest, trustworthy, and down-to-earth attitude.